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View Glass Fitting and Repairing

View Glass Fitting and Repairing

When you need View Glass Fitting and Repairing service for an industrial and commercial applications. It’s vital that a technician can respond quickly to keep you operating as efficiently as possible. Hems representatives specialize in View Glass Fitting and Repairing. Factory-trained and certified service technicians go through extensive training to diagnose and solve problems within whole project like cooler/freezer doors and roll up or high impact doors, leakage problems, damage floors or ceiling and also repairing of cooling systems.

Our service includes:

  • 24-hour emergency service in most communities.
  • Local service technicians who can arrive onsite more quickly.
  • Our experts provide diagnoses, recommendations, and solutions.
  • Insulated panel repair / replacement
  • Insulated panel walling modifications
  • Walk in chillers, freezers and blast freezers
  • Cold store demolition and panel disposal
  • Mortuary cold rooms
  • Pressure relief valve repair / replacement
  • Corner trim repair / replacement
  • Door repair / replacement
  • Track repair / replacement
  • Door / strip curtain repair / replacement
  • Flip flap door repair / replacement

Hems Infratech Pvt. Ltd. and our exclusive Representative Network take pride in providing local, reliable, and comprehensive service for industrial and agriculture cold storage. This is an in depth analysis conducted by Hems Industry experts who come to your facility and examine your specific environment and needs. You’ll receive an analysis showing energy usage, maintenance costs, and productivity impact of your project relative to other common choices. Offered by a separate, specialist division of Hems Solutions, Hems Cold Store Maintenance provides a complete range of services for the maintenance, refurbishment and repair of temperature controlled and hygiene-safe environments.

We will look at:

  • Room Air Temperature
  • Exterior Temperatures
  • Energy costs
  • Door operation time and cycles
  • Industrial Door Upgrades and Innovation

Your local Hems representative is ready to help when you have an industrial or agriculture cold storage repair, or simply need regular ongoing maintenance. If you are moving to a new facility, updating your existing facility, or building out additional space, our design and product experts can help you identify the product that best meet your needs for the short and the long term.


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Hems Infratech Pvt. Ltd.

Hems Infratech Pvt. Ltd.