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Fruit Ripening Chamber

Fruit Ripening Chamber

Fruit Ripening Chamber is Engineered to simulate nature’s ripening process without altering the taste or Freshness, Hems Pioneered the indigenous, pressurized type Fruit Ripening Chamber of global standard which is running exceptionally well all over India. With expertise across the full spectrum of fruit ripening chambers, Pre-cooling chambers, cold storage construction & refrigeration system, Hems Infratech Pvt. Ltd. provides focused solutions namely conceptualizing, designing, manufacturing and implementation of cold infrastructure requirements to cater to need of diverse industries.

Hems offers Banana ripening chambers available with Pressurized/Reverse air flow evaporators and Humidity controlled rooms. Pressurized or forced-air rooms-pressurized rooms create a pressure gradient between rows of stacked boxes lined up into a tunnel with a differential pressure gradient between the inside and outside of this tunnel to force the air through the fruit, rather than around the boxes.

Salient features:

  • Air tight chambers with specially designed doors
  • Extreme turbulent air waves across chamber for quick collection and dissipation of field heat
  • High humidity coil cooling unit for an excellent performance in humidification
  • Air path control mechanism for even distribution of chilled air across fruits
  • Power full refrigeration system for Quick pull down of field heat
  • Intelligent Temperature control for enhanced shelf life of fruits
  • Intelligent gas control system for high quality output fruits


  • Centralized Refrigeration with multiple compressors
  • High level of flexibility in operation and energy saving with standby compressor
  • Less power, connected as well as consumption hence low operating cost
  • Reduction in weight loss of fruit [5%-8%] by maintaining excellent humidity
  • Options for Web based monitoring and controlling of Temperature, Humidity, Ethylene and CO2
  • Fully automatic ventilation and exhaust system
  • Automatic Ethylene Injection, control and CO2 exhaust system

Ripening system with emission of ethylene mixture. The apparatus can be used to increase ethylene for fruit/vegetables ripening (banana, pears, mango, tomatoes, etc.) Or fruit degreening (banana). This new board including PLC system allowing the automatic emission of ethylene mixture (nitrogen at 95%) inside the room. The emission of ethylene, in combination with warm temperature, promote the metabolism of the fruits increasing their respiration. The ethylene mixture flow is regulated by the programmed system connected to the ethylene/nitrogen cylinder.


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Hems Infratech Pvt. Ltd.

Hems Infratech Pvt. Ltd.