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Clean Room Installation

Clean Room Installation

At Hems Infratech Pvt Ltd, Pharma Clean Room Installation is our forte. We can erect anything from food processing plants to small cold rooms to large turnkey projects and warehouses. Refrigerated Warehouse construction is very unique since great consideration must be given to what types of products will be stored. We customize each building design to the needs of our customers to ensure the highest levels of customer approval and quality.

Since every business is unique, every cold warehouse construction projects is also unique. There is quite a difference between a client who needs a cold room added on to an existing facility and a client who needs a sizable cold storage warehouse built from the ground up.  A pharma processing facility does not have the same needs as a frozen food processing plant. At Hems Infratech Pvt. Ltd. your needs are our first priority. It is our goal to custom design a solution to meet your present needs while considering your future needs as well.

Pharma Cold Room includes:


At Hems Infratech Pvt Ltd, we believe in providing only the best refrigerated warehouse construction services. We operate in the construction of standard cold warehouses and warehouses used for food processing. We believe that your build should be worry-free and hassle-free through the entire sequence.

Every project that Hems accepts is built to unique specifications and requirements. Many options must be considered when constructing a refrigerated warehouse facility including the best site for the project and any special engineering requirements needed. Our cold storage facility experts can guide you through every step of the building process.

What To Expect

  • An Energy Efficient Building
  • Low Long Term Maintenance
  • Good Looking Building
  • Space Efficient
  • Ease of Expansion

When constructing a building designed for pharmacy cold storage, possibly the most important thing to consider is to maintain the perfect temperature and which concrete floor to use. Not all concrete floors are created equal and using the wrong one can lead to trouble and unnecessary expense. With our knowledge and experience, you will get the best possible concrete floor system to meet your cold storage warehousing needs.

Because so many different things must be considered, construction of pharma cold storage facilities requires an enormous degree of precision and detail. Since we specialize in this type of construction, we know that Hems Infratech Pvt Ltd is the best choice for all of your cold storage warehousing projects. When you contact us, we will review your plans closely and share our strategy for building your perfect cold storage warehouse.


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