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IQF-Individual Quick Freezer

IQF-Individual Quick Freezer

We supply IQF (Individual Quick Freezer) with cryogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) gas or liquid nitrogen locks in the moisture, shape and freshness of small food items. While frighted freezers have been the primary method for individually quick freezing foods for more than two decades, they are now being replaced with newer, more efficient freezing methods. State-of-the-art cryogenic IQF freezers from Hems Infratech Pvt. Ltd. are hygienically designed and can eliminate the bottlenecks, slowdowns and product losses associated with these outdated freezers.

Major Applications:


Sliced and diced poultry and beef glazed and marinated meat, meatballs, chicken tenders and wings, shrimp, and scallops.

Prepared foods:

Pizza toppings, e.g. diced ham, pepperoni, hamburger or sausage crumble; tortellini and other pastas.

Fresh fruits and vegetables:

High-value produce and less weight loss.

IQF Freezer machines use liquid nitrogen to allow the user to freeze small foods that are normally very difficult to freeze very good such as raspberries or even seafood like prawn. This allows the products to be frozen singly rather than in a group meaning that the products keep their own individual form, texture and all importantly taste.

Standard Features:

  • Modules of capacity ranging from 250 to 3000 kg/hr
  • Enclosure made of energy efficient sandwich panels
  • PUF core and stainless steel /per-painted GI
  • Both side lamination inside and outside respectively
  • Stainless steel finish floor with built in drain system
  • Single or multiple belt units of SS/ PE / POE
  • High static fans for excellent fluidization
  • Variable speed drive with motor control VFD
  • Varying fin type Cooling coil of SS tubes/aluminum fins suitable for ammonia liquid pumping
  • PLC based control panel with Touch screen and product based operation modes
  • Automatic Air defrosts system [for Straight line IQF] with unique FROST BUSTER

Individual Quick Frozen products are produced in one of the two ways, they can be placed in a immersion of liquid nitrogen at the very low temperature of minus 196 °C to freeze the main outer surface of the product that is being frozen this can be done on the product instantaneously or even by a constant motion whilst it is being in the process of being frozen.


  • Fruit & vegetables processing
  • Meat & fish processing
  • Ready to eat products
  • Other cooked food items

Both of the techniques of the IQF Freezer prevent the product that is being frozen from becoming all stuck together and this will produce a 100% Individual Quick Frozen product throughout the process. The Individual Quick Frozen Process can also be used with sauce coated products or even when the product has high water content inside.

Individual Quick Frozen Freezing is used also as a way to freeze seasonal products such as fruits and vegetables but over the years the technology has enabled other food products to be different products which include such things as diced meat, pasta and rice products. IQF Freezing technology was invented to allow there to be a solution to allow factories and other places that want to produce Individual Quick Frozen products.


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Technical Specification:

Temperature Details Refrigeration Capacity Size (Mtr.)
Product Model No. IQF Type Capacity
Loading Output Power Load
(1) Ready To Eat Food
(2) Vegetables
(3) Fruits
HIGF-L50 Linear 50 30 °C -18 °C 6 9.1 15.4 3 4 4
HIGF-L100 Linear 100 30 °C -18 °C 9 15.6 28.2 3 4 4
HIGF-L250 Linear 250 30 °C -18 °C 21 35.2 66.6 4 4 4
HIGF-L350 Linear 350 30 °C -18 °C 25 48.1 92.2 4 4 4
HIGF-L500 Linear 500 30 °C -18 °C 34 67.6 130 4 4 4
(1) Ready To Eat Food
(2) Vegetables
(3) Fruits
HIGF-S50 Spiral 50 30 °C -18 °C 6 9.1 15.4 5 5.4 3
HIGF-S100 Spiral 100 30 °C -18 °C 9 15.6 28.2 5 5.4 3
HIGF-S250 Spiral 250 30 °C -18 °C 21 35.2 66.6 6 5.4 3
HIGF-S350 Spiral 350 30 °C -18 °C 25 48.1 92.2 6 5.4 3.5
HIGF-S500 Spiral 500 30 °C -18 °C 34 67.6 130 6.5 5.4 4.2
Seafood HISF-S500 Spiral 500 0 °C -35 °C 50 48 80 6.5 5.4 4.2
HISF-S1000 Spiral 1000 0 °C -35 °C 88 92 155 10 6.5 4.2


Hems Infratech Pvt. Ltd.

Hems Infratech Pvt. Ltd.