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Pre-Cooling Chamber

Pre-Cooling Chamber

At Hems Industries Pvt. Ltd., Our Forced Air Pre Cooling Chambers are designed to extract field heat from fresh fruits and vegetables. Evaporator units of these chambers are designed to suck cold air through the perforated boxes of commodity so as to attain desired temperature within 3-4 hrs. High humidity levels are also maintained inside the chambers to retain the freshness of fruits and vegetables and also to avoid weight loss.

Rapid Cooling of a commodity after harvest, before or after packaging and before it is stored or moved in transit, prevents deterioration of the more fresh vegetables. The faster field heat is removed after harvest, the longer produce can be maintained in a good marketable condition. Cooling slows natural deterioration, including aging and ripening. Slows growth of decay organisms (and thereby the development of rot) and reduced wilting since water losses occur much more slowly at low temperature then  at high temp.

Pre-cooling benefits include:

  • Lowering the required workload of a cold storage
  • Optimum storage temperature is reached more quickly
  • Restricting and minimizing respiratory activity
  • Conserving the weight of the produce, and enzymatic degradation
  • Preventing softening, water loss and wilting
  • Preventing microbial growth, such as bacteria and fungi thereby decreasing the rate of decay
  • Decreasing rate of ethylene production and the impact on ethylene sensitive produce
  • Delaying chilling injuries for certain fruits
  • Increasing the daily intake into storage facilities which should not exceed 10%

Hems Construction recognizes that proper cool storage and refrigeration is vital to your business. We also understand that every business is different, and thus the needs may change from industry to industry. To meet the special needs of your organization, our experienced team of cold storage experts works together with you to custom design products and solutions that fit your company’s specifications. From refrigeration engineers to cold storage construction architects, our team is fully engaged in bringing every aspect of your project to fruition, from conception, to design, to the finished product.

A cold storage facility’s function is largely determined by the product that is ultimately going to be stored there. Even if the product is a ‘fresh’ product, considerations and solutions must be in place in the event that the product is to be further processed on site, such as ice production equipment, cutting and portioning equipment, or even equipment and appliances for cooking. An eye to details such as the quantities of food items to be prepared and stored, how the products are to be packaged, and specifics on the proper temperatures and conditions for storage all must be considered – all while also adhering to budgetary restrictions.

There are many considerations to cold storage, and it is important that you seek the expertise of experienced professionals who only have your best interests at heart. At Hems construction, we recognize that your time and money are valuable, and strive to partner with you during every aspect of your cold construction project. Contact us today for a consultation, and discover the Hems difference.


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