Industrial Cold Storage

Industrial Cold Storage

Hems Infratech Pvt Ltd  designs and builds an industrial cold storage and agriculture cold storage having the capability to interface with industrial cooling systems such as ammonia base and freon base cooling systems. Many systems as shown in the pictures are incorporated into pre-cooling systems we offer such as forced air cooling, portable and modular ice plants, stand alone industrial ice makers, hydro coolers, and liquid ice systems.

Hems provides customers with a comprehensive range of pre-cooling systems and services such as feasibility studies, system design, build, installation, service and maintenance, existing system analysis and recommendations for performance improvements. We utilize superior technology and advanced refrigeration techniques to provide innovative solutions to your specific pre-cooling and freezing needs. Industrial Cold Storage provided by are as below:

At Hems Infratech Pvt Ltd, we have extensive experience with industrial refrigeration plants of all types. While many types of refrigeration systems are used in other industries, ammonia refrigeration systems are found quite commonly in industrial refrigeration. This type of system uses anhydrous ammonia, or ammonia without water. Since Ammonia based refrigeration systems are so commonly used in the refrigeration of our everyday food items, we have made it a point to become experts in all aspects of these systems.

A large concern when building ammonia refrigeration systems for our refrigeration plants is the safety of your employees. There is always a risk when chemicals such as ammonia are present in a work environment. Workers can be subjected to fume inhalation, skin contact, ammonia explosions and fires. We will do everything in our power to make sure that the systems are free of manufacturing defects and other problems that could lead to any possible accidents in your facility

Secondary to safety considerations is system efficiency. It is our goal that refrigeration system is energy-efficient as possible. At Hems Group, we have extensive knowledge in all aspects of industrial refrigeration to make you project a success. Our engineers are experts at making all aspects of your systems work together. We will optimize your refrigeration systems so that they are as energy-efficient as possible, to saving your company money.

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