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Residential Building

Residential Building

Since 1999, The Hems Group has partnered with homeowners and design professionals to produce residential projects of the highest quality. Our portfolio represents a mix of architect-designed homes, historic home renovations, and remodeling projects of both modest and expansive scale. What do all our clients have in common? They value an exceptional outcome.

We are using high quality raw material to construct a perfect residential building as we are assuring our customer for long life home. We are not constructing just a building but instead, we build a home which is a dream home of our customers. We also made a custom home according to our client’s requirements and design. Our expert engineers can explain a complete design as a demonstration and also advice our clients to make the perfect home.

At our initial no- charge consultation, either in your home or our conference room, you are interviewing us or we are interviewing you. We are listening and gathering data about the scope of your project, your felt needs, your investment threshold, and the timing of this project regarding any special events like birth, graduation, marriage, etc.

We do the following before actual construction:

  • Preparation of drawings as per requirements of consumers
  • Estimation of material cost, labor cost & contingencies
  • Approval of drawings & estimates from Client
  • Approval of drawings from City Development Authority
  • Start of construction work either through contractor or labor hired on daily basis
  • Marking of plot boundaries
  • Cleaning of plot
  • Preparation of site layout as per drawing

At Hems Construction, Design/Build is not just a tag line. It is the core of our Business Model.  It is a system that we have worked diligently for years to implement and perfect.   We hope that you will read further to better understand why we are sold on Design/Build versus the usual Design-Bid-Build.

In addition to our collective expertise, our team keeps current on technical advances and design trends. This is critical to collaborating with design professionals on sophisticated, sustainable projects that benefit from well honed problem solving skills. At Hems, we go out of our way to build long-term relationships with the people we serve.

We hope you will explore our entire website and get to know us better. Please view our Portfolio of projects and see what our clients say about working with Hems Group.  We believe you will find our workmanship is excellent and our Design/Build Process offers impressive integrated services for our clients.


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Hems Infratech Pvt. Ltd.

Hems Infratech Pvt. Ltd.