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Infrastructure and Heavy Construction

Infrastructure and Heavy Construction

From the beginning, The Hems Group was built on values and a vision. With a steadfast belief in commitment, integrity and reliability, we’ve grown steadily to be one of the leading, fully-integrated construction companies in India. We’ve had a long track record of success since starting out in 1988 with goal of success. Over the years, Hems Construction has widened our range of expertise to include all types of buildings, industrial and infrastructure projects, schools, hospitals, and residential buildings.

The company has earned a reputation for delivering any project, of any size, in any location. Solid financial strength has supported our integrated capabilities, network and large equipment fleet that are thousands of pieces strong. This provides a major strategic advantage and ensures our clients, employees and partners have the highest confidence in the Hems approach.

We provide solutions to our clients include:

  • Engineering, procurement and construction
  • Site remediation and enabling works
  • Digital modeling and building animations
  • Programmed management services
  • Precast and modular solutions
  • International procurement and logistics management
  • Mechanical, electrical and process installations
  • Mining and mineral rail network and portside handling installations
  • Plant and equipment management
  • Industrial plant installation and maintenance

With a business vintage of about 25 years, The Hems Group is now one of the leading companies in infrastructure and heavy construction development. The company concentrated its efforts on Affordable Housing, one of the fastest growing sectors and established itself as an iconic presence in industrial and commercial constructions. It has set new standards, touched new horizons and carried the concept of infrastructure to an entirely new level of brilliance.

As an employee-owned company we firmly believe our success depends on delivering the highest level of quality and service. Hems’ people are our most important asset. We foster continual growth through career opportunities and provide investment. Clients, employees, consultants, subcontractors and suppliers will be treated with our high standards of integrity and reliability. We will strive to access new business opportunities within the broad strategy of our company.

Hems Group performs activities on heavy and civil engineering construction projects. Typically, these activities are not performed only on buildings, but are rather inclined to focus on infrastructure-related projects. More often than not, the implementation of heavy and civil engineering construction projects goes hand in hand with political decision-making, and government expenditure is an important driver of growth for the industry. Over the next couple of years, public-private partnerships are projected to play an important role in the heavy and civil engineering construction industry.


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Hems Infratech Pvt. Ltd.

Hems Infratech Pvt. Ltd.