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Ammonia Base Cooling System

Ammonia Base Cooling System

At Hems Infratech Pvt. Ltd. we have extensive experience constructing industrial refrigeration units with all types of refrigeration systems. Ammonia Base Refrigeration System are found quite commonly in industrial refrigeration plants. This type of system utilizes ammonia, which is simply ammonia without water. Many of the foods we eat every day have at some point been kept in an ammonia-based refrigeration system like ice cream, beer, fruit juice, soft drinks, fish, and meat.

One of our biggest concerns when building Ammonia Refrigeration Systems for our refrigeration plants is the safety of your workers. Workers can be subject to skin contact with ammonia, inhalation of the fumes, ammonia explosions and fires. While we cannot directly control the actions of your workers, we do everything in our power to make sure that the systems are free of manufacturing defects and other problems that could lead to future accidents. In addition, we can recommend specific safeguards and procedures that your company can adopt if you are new to ammonia refrigeration systems.

Fortunately, at Hems Construction we have extensive knowledge of all aspects of industrial refrigeration systems, and our engineers are experts at making all aspects of the systems work together. We optimize the performance of your refrigeration systems so that they are as energy-efficient as possible, saving your company money in both the short and long term.

Our company offers high quality and efficient Refrigeration Plants includes Ammonia Refrigeration Plant and Freon Refrigeration Plant. These refrigeration plants use gas, liquid, and mechanical energy to move heat from one place to another. Ammonia Refrigeration Plants are well designed, manufactured with minute quality control installed with supervision by our experienced engineers

Application Area:

  • Industrial Water Chilling Plant
  • Cold Storages & Warehouses
  • Deep Freezing Chambers
  • Gas Liquefaction Units
  • Ice Manufacturing Plants
  • Industrial Freezing Units

Our Ammonia Refrigeration Systems have different features as below:

Low Operation Cost:

Hi-tech designed cooling system combined with high efficiency energy saver condenser, chiller, compressor, expansion valve provide more efficient water cooling with consequent reduction in operating cost and energy consumption.

Low Maintenance Cost:

As we are using all standard equipments in this cooling system, it will require very low maintenance cost like servicing and repairing. Our engineers always are in touch with our all clients and ready to give any type of help and guidance.


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