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Commercial Fabrications

Commercial Fabrications

Hems Infratech Pvt. Ltd. (HIPL) is well known in the industry as a Commercial Fabrications that consistently meets or exceeds contract requirements and client expectations. This directly reflects the diligence and attention to detail of everyone at Hems from the president of the company to the dedicated sweeper who constantly sweeps the factory to provide a clean and safe work area.

Our product line ranges from small corporate office to heavy turnkey projects. If it can be machined, welded or joined, HIPL has the capability to provide service in all angels. Our service diversity is only surpassed by our quality assurance measures. Quality Assurance Program is in full and has been approved by government engineers.


  • Vast network of distribution
  • Transparent business policies
  • Testing facilities
  • Strong financial position
  • Non-corrosive & Cost effective
  • Reliable & Everlasting finish
  • Corrosion resistance & Easy to install

Most clients are not aware that Hems is also a national leader in the design and construction of industrial ground support maintenance platforms, work station, and docking stations. We have completed lots of commercial fabrication project in expected time and provide a trustful satisfaction to all our corporate clients. Our own fabrication facility allows us total control over the fabrication of Granite State Glass designed systems, from computer aided designs to job site installations.

We house an inventory of industry standard aluminum extrusions and hardware for the fabrication of storefront frames and entrances. This allows Granite State Glass to rapidly respond to our customers schedule requirements. We also provide a custom design according to our client’s requirements. We are having all units separately located which are dedicated for all range of our products and services. These all units are centrally administrated by our corporate headquarter


  • Strict quality control system
  • Can provide onsite technical instruction and erection service
  • Available in different span clear distance
  • Roof and Wall option comprising steel sheet, EPS, rock wool or PU sandwich panel
  • Door and window comprising PVC or aluminium alloy
  • Option of sliding door or rolled door
  • Providing for long service life and fast construction
  • Offering high usage stability and earthquake resistance up to 9 grade
  • Flexible layout and higher space efficiency
  • Suitable for used as warehouse, office building, steel shed
  • Can be designed according to client’s drawing
  • Main components comprising H beam, Purlin, Sandwich panels and others
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble

Exclusive custom materials are always available to maintain preferred customer relationships with the nation’s leading commercial fabricator, offering our clients maximum quality and flexibility. Our 400 square yards corporate headquarters and commercial fabrication facility have incorporated more high tech equipment to handle an ever increasing production and customization of the systems we supply.

The expansion of the fabrication facility and addition of the most advanced equipment available has enabled fabrication work to further increase quality, productivity, and safety for their clientele. Our engineers always maintain a good relationship with all our clients and provide any type of help of support even after project completion.


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Hems Infratech Pvt. Ltd.

Hems Infratech Pvt. Ltd.